Issues with customer-facing applications also contribute to a poor customer experience, which can severely damage brand reputation and retention rates

5 key application performance facts you need to know;

  • 79% of shoppers who are dissatisfied with website performance are less likely to buy from the same site again.

  • 64% of businesses lean on fragmented approaches to monitoring and managing application performance.

  • 31% of application issues take a month or more to resolve.

  • Spending on public cloud services will reach $98 billion in 2016

  • The average hourly cost of downtime is $212,000


Here’s how YOU can help your clients and create a business advantage?

Poor application performance has an immediate impact on productivity and revenue generation for your customers, many of whom are using multiple tools to monitor and manage the problem, which leads to further delays and inefficiency.

Offering your clients a simple yet powerful and holistic application management tool will help them overcome these challenges but how do you pick the right vendor in such a crowded marketplace?

Download this critical report now and find how to boost your revenues by offering your clients streamlined application management tools with these benefits;

  • Automatic application discovery - No professional services are required to get started or install.

  • Intelligent performance alerts - With intelligent application performance alerts, it’s easy to eliminate false positives and find issues before they impact business users or customers

  • Single web interface - Enables businesses to monitor more than 200 applications from a single dashboard.

  • Completely customisable - Extensive options give businesses the power to monitor what they want, how they want to.

  • Easily integrated - integrates seamlessly with other SolarWinds products

This report will help you discover how to ask your clients the right questions and tell you all about whats in it for you;

  • Double digit margins

  • Up-sell opportunities

  • It’s easy to sell

  • Its vendor agnostic

  • Brilliant partner support

There is a checklist of 8 proven strategies included to help you identify your most immediate client opportunities so you can get started right away

Download your report now:

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